1912 Exiles Podcast #73: Scunthorpe / flourishing as a fan-owned club


In the first segment of the episode, we've got clips from regular contributor Ian as he recounts the tale of County's win at Scunthorpe in the latest instalment of a feature we've decided to call "Ian Street hits the north". Ian is then joined by Ed and Jamie to analyse the result in a bit more detail as we consider the importance of strength in depth and competition for places in the second half of the season.

We then zoom out a little in the final part of our trilogy looking at how football is run. Having set ourselves the essay question "How can County survive and thrive as a fan-owned club?", we discuss how the Trust model needs to grow, whether and how we can develop a stake in our own stadium, and the importance of having a 'whole-club ethos'. If you're not a Supporters Trust member, give your head a wobble before signing up here.

We'll be back in the week ahead with reaction to the game at Brisbane Road and the first match in front of fans at Rodney Parade so far in 2022. In the meantime, drop us a line via Twitter or Facebook with any feedback. And if you like what we do, please feel free to donate the price of a coffee to help with our running costs.

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Re: 1912 Exiles Podcast #73: Scunthorpe / flourishing as a fan-owned club

Good to hear a mention of Les Scadding in the podcast. I always saw Les as someone who had a bit of luck and decided to share some of it with the community he lived in. Fortunately for us it took the form of helping Newport County back into the football league and then presented the opportunity for a fan-led buyout. I rarely hear a positive comment about what Les Scadding did for the County and it mystifies me.

Re: 1912 Exiles Podcast #73: Scunthorpe / flourishing as a fan-owned club

I'm no arese licker, I think my post's have sometimes ...'well' and probably the place for them. ...is in the Usk.

But this trilogy, award winning.

This last of Homers, spoke to my own heart. County since '77; worked all over and in my (at least sober moments have talked about youth/owning some property/a football structure. All touched upon as a realistic way to (for me 4th in the old 3rd Div-) or as one correspondent elouquently pointed out(with rationale) the Championship. (I think yopu have to think like that.)

All bases covered and some. All three Homers/and Ulysess.

If the FL don't award you something Wales should.

Apropro: We fell out with the Council a long time ago. Some of that has been healed, but not all. By about '80 we were into the council for about a mill, by the end 2 mill. The council wasn't to blame. They tried everything they could to keep my old Newport County alive.

So, any future with the Dragons and the Council would be welcomed from this side of Homer.

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