Better in the gym than in the ring

What a great quote from Waite's former manager when summing up how sportspeople can basically be outstanding in a training environment but this doesn't always transfer to the competitive arena.

I love both sports and the transferable elements from certain parts of boxing/self defence to other sports and vice versa fascinates me.

Football has always been my first love I was a half decent local footballer, boxing I discovered about 15 years ago and I found that I was more natural in seeing things/picking things up in this environment.

I've been on both sides of the underestimating scenario and I only ever underestimated somebody once and lost the drill in the first 10 seconds of 3 splits of 2 minutes.

Never underestimate an opponent was the lesson I learnt and from our point of view that starts with "lowly" Scunthorpe tomorrow.

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