Re: Some alterations at number 10

UPTHEPORT wrote: January 18th, 2022, 1:59 pm
In fairness Starmer & Labour are not blameless either on the ‘it was a work thing’ excuses! (am no fan of Bozza mind you) – think the anger and ire should be at the original ‘rules’ and their application and the complete lack of political or media scrutiny of them (in summer 2020 - parks being closed, car parks of ‘beauty spots’ being closed, overzealous policing, etc. when even at that point we knew outdoor transmission was responsible for only a very small % of transmission overall and especially in summer [partly due to the way vapour from breath evaporates] even more ‘safe’) – initially good (on paper at least) policies/rules turned into bad ones by cack handed application (see more recent ‘fan ban’ in Wales – yes I did have to shoehorn that into this!)…that said the ‘optics’ of what Bozza and Starmer, etc. did look VERY bad

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