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Good Afternoon

Haven’t played it myself yet but feel I’m getting drawn in to it… seems a good thing to share within our family WhatsApp group.
Wife and I enjoy playing Scrabble but she wins more often than I do, which really annoys me!
I’ve seen “Lingo” on the telly and assume it’s very similar?

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Re: Wordle

Okay, further to early comments, I’ve looked to download the app to play the game. However there are a few options, and wife has differing options on her phone.
Is there a more popular version most are playing?

I don’t won’t to get a Betamax instead of a VHS!

Phil in Northampton

Re: Wordle

I haven’t downloaded the app, if there is one, Phil but simply click on the above link each day and play.

It’s got a huge following and I think you’re right: it’s similar to something shown on TV. It’s a simple format really - guess the five lettered word in six or fewer guesses. The system tells you when you’ve either correctly guessed a letter in the right place (eg the letter R was second out of five letters in the word and you placed it in the right place) or that a letter in your word appears somewhere else in their word (eg you guessed the second letter was an A, there is an A in the word but it’s either the 1st, 3rd, 4th or 5th letter).

It collates your daily scores, different word each day.

There seems to be a couple of popular methods to guess the word - some people always make their first guess a word with 2-3 vowels eg IRATE, knowing there’s almost always at least one vowel in a five lettered word, then they build from there. The second method seems to be to ensure you use ten different letters in your first two guesses, knowing the odds of an awkward letter such as Q, Z, X, J appearing are limited.

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