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Hi Norm
You are totally right, it is an obsession!
We buy a few extra bits each year, sell a few too, bit of a collectible thing too. As pieces get “retired” and become “rare”. Second hand prices hold up very well for discontinued lines as more people enter the hobby.
It’s bigger in America with more manufacturers in the market, pretty much only “Lemax” in the uk.
I write a blog for an American website… you are interested!
We have family and friends around to view it and donations they left enabled us to buy £200 worth of gifts to support the local hospital Gifts for Elderly patients st Christmas appeal.
It’s fun and gets us into the Christmas spirit earlier than most as we start in October!

Phil in Northampton

Re: Your hobbies

mad norm wrote: November 16th, 2021, 9:24 pm So, a sort of undercover snitch?

Not at all most businesses pay staff bonuses based on mystery shoppers reports that's why you always have to be honest with each report and the fact I have to submit receipts so they check everything on cctv

Very rarely do I have to submit a poor report .

Starting doing call centres now as well that's going to be interesting

Re: Your hobbies

phil_in_npton wrote: February 4th, 2022, 6:18 pm Good Evening Norm

Do you watch Bargain Hunt?

Scales regularly appear and fetch decent prices, and not many as nice as yours.
I estimate an auction price of £70-£100

Phil in Northampton
That's why I'm pleased........£17-50. :cheers:
Will pop another piccy when carefully buffed.
I don't watch TV any more....maybe I'm mad :shock:

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