Re: Joe

I’d be very surprised if that were true. They’ve got Simon Eastwood who must be the best goalie in Div 3, and Joe won’t go to be someone else’s understudy. If Eastwood leaves, then I can see why they’d want Joe - but until then, file in the “speculative” column.

Re: Joe

I follow Oxford Utd from a distance (home town club, first team I watched and supported), as above their current No.1 Simon Eastwood is outstanding, got player of the year awards in last 2-3 seasons plus he's opened keeper soccer schools locally down there.

No way would they want Joe unless they've recd a big money offer for Eastwood. Oxford are (at best) in a bit of turmoil (6 winding-up orders this season, paying stupid rent on a ground they don't own) so are best avoided, although their U23 team is thriving.

I'd put this rumour down as wild speculation (bordering on 'it'll never happen').

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